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Assault and Battery

Assault and battery- An assault consists of words coupled with actions.  Words alone are not enough.  An unlawful, intentional show of force or an attempt to do physical harm to another person.  Assault can constitute the basis of a civil or criminal action.  Stated differently, it is a show of force accompanied by an unlawful or unjustifiable demand, compliance with which will avert the threat, amounts to an assault.  Any touching by one person of the person of another in rudeness or in anger is an assault and battery.

 Example: Pounding on a womanís door, making every effort to get into a womanís apartment, threatening to kill her if she took him to court, would be sufficient to arouse apprehension of harm.  Sexual harassment that includes an unwelcome touching, such as fondling without her permission, constitutes an assault and battery. 

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